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The I&M store includes two projects in one store, specialized in selling cosmetics and skin, selling thermal printing products and supplies, and the registration icon for cosmetic expert Ahlam Ali

10 A4 size pages

Custom stickers printing

40 SAR

Sold Out 78 Time

  • Printing circular or square stickers of different sizes with high quality on demand.
  • The size and number of labels on paper vary as per customer request.
  • To print a sticker in a specific shape or size, we are pleased to contact you.
  • The design file must be attached and we will contact you to preview the design before printing.

Illustrative example of the number of stickers

  • 10 A4 pages containing 150 5cm round stickers,
  • 10 A4 pages containing 240 4cm round stickers,
  • 10 A4 pages containing 350 round stickers of 3.5 cm size
  • 10 A4 pages containing 480 3cm round stickers,
40 SAR
Two comments

ابو خالد

3 months ago

اسعار مناسبه و جودة الطباعه ممتازة . بالتوفيق لكم يارب


خديجه الص..

7 months ago

جوده عاليه وتصاميم رائعه وتوصيل سريع

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