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The I&M store includes two projects in one store, specialized in selling cosmetics and skin, selling thermal printing products and supplies, and the registration icon for cosmetic expert Ahlam Ali

About the store

The I&M store includes two projects in one store and specializes in selling cosmetics and skin and selling thermal printing products and supplies, and what distinguishes us is the quality in choosing the products, tools and materials used, and it has an icon for the possibility of registering in the courses of beauty expert Ahlam Ali..

Brief summary :

  • The possibility of thermal printing according to the customer's request on various materials: cups, T-shirts, brooches, adhesive surface stickers, adhesive stickers for productive families.
  • We choose cosmetics very carefully, as we import our products from many companies and brands from outside Saudi Arabia.
  • Beautician Ahlam Ali offers many courses in the field of cosmetology, including (basic and professional courses).
  • A license from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development under the name of a freelancer, with the number 3ac03729
  • Member and certified trainer from the British Academy with the number CT01301
  • Previous experience in the field of training.
  • Experience in television, theatrical and cinematic makeup.

  • For more details and to see our work, we are pleased to visit you and follow our accounts on Instagram:

The account of the beauty expert Ahlam Ali: ahlaa_bent

Thermal printing studio account: print_studio_1

I&M store account: am_store2021

The I&M store and all the Instagram accounts mentioned are under the management of the beauty expert Ahlam Ali,.